Getting Rid of Pinworms

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A Smelly Remedy for a Yucky Problem

Garlic head on a cutting board.

Garlic is an age-old home remedy for pinworms. Studies on its effectiveness are scarce, but it’s worth a try.

by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H.

Warning: Gross-out level 8/10.

Someone on the Homestead Survival Facebook page asked me, if there’s no way to get to a doctor, how does a person get rid of pinworms? Good question. There are plenty of home remedies, but there’s little objective proof they work.

Garlic for Pinworms: Worth a Try(?)

Using garlic is an age-old remedy for pinworms. We know it kills the worms and eggs through direct contact in a lab, but that’s different than going through the digestive system. The only study I could find using the stuff in a person showed a seven percent cure rate. Even the authors were surprised and suggested further study, but I found none.

I suspect some reasons for the lack of studies are: (1) There are good pharmaceutical cures, such as prescription mebendazole and over-the-counter pyrantel (not to be taken if pregnant). (2) No one’s going to pay for a study using garlic. (Is there a Garlic Association?) (3) A pinworm infestation is not considered life-threatening. But I hear it can make your butthole itch like crazy. They like to come out at night, so that can certainly mess with your sleep.

Two Steps to Killing Pinworms at Home

So, what do you do if you can’t get the medicine? I’ve done a little research, and here are some suggestions for getting rid of those nasty creepy crawlies.

First, it helps to know the pinworm life cycle: You ingest or inhale a bunch of eggs (where there’s one, there are hundreds); they hatch in your intestine, have sex, the males die. In about two to three months, the females crawl out your anus and lay eggs—up to ten thousand per worm. Then, the females die.

Wait a couple of hours after bedtime, and you can usually see a few worms with a flashlight. Just spread the cheeks, and you’ll see what looks like little half-inch pieces of wiggly thread. The wiggling causes the itching. Sometimes you can see the same thing in a bowel movement. If someone has a microscope, you can stick a strip of clear tape next to the anus, rip off the tape, and see the eggs under low power.

Getting Rid of Pinworms, Step 1: Ingest a Killer.

The mebendazole or pyrantel kills the worms, and either works well. Take another dose two weeks later to kill the new worms that have hatched. Pinworms are easy to get, so everyone in the house is going to need to be treated at the same time.

If you don’t have medication, try the garlic. You can eat the cloves if you dare, or sprinkle it on food. The book Where There Is No Doctor suggests you crush or finely chop four garlic cloves and mix in milk, water, or juice. Drink one glass four times a day. Again, everyone must be treated.

Eating pumpkins seeds is another home remedy.

Getting Rid of Pinworms, Step 2: Groom and Wash.

This is also your best bet to avoid reinfection, even if you took the medicine.

Remember the life cycle: eggs out the butt, ingested back into the mouth. That’s much easier done than you would expect. In fact, it’s a sure thing if you don’t take precautions. And it can take three months from ingestion to egg laying.


Everyone’s going to have to do this for three months:

  1. Clip fingernails short. At night, everyone’s going to scratch. Clipping will help keep those microscopic eggs from getting under the fingernails and avoid damaging your skin at night.
  2. Wear snug-fitting underwear to keep the worms from getting on bedsheets.
  3. First thing every morning, wash the rectal area with soap and water. In hot water, wash underwear, bed linens, and anything else that might have been exposed. If you have the resources, vacuum the area. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly around the rectum at night. It helps the itching. If you have garlic, add a little to the jelly to kill the eggs.

How to Keep Pinworms Out in the First Place

You get pinworms from other people. The eggs are not just in the outdoor air floating around. Your best bet to avoid getting them is to avoid anyone with symptoms and avoid anything that person might have touched. Many times that’s not an alternative, so:

  • Don’t sleep in the same bed with someone who has pinworms.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Wash for thirty seconds. Be sure to clean under your fingernails.
  • Consider wearing a surgical mask if you’re the one having to clean up. Wash your hands immediately after cleaning.
  • Avoid touching your face. It’s such a habit that that’s almost impossible, hence the frequent washing of the hands.
  • If the medicine is available, and there’s no reason not to, take it and make sure everyone else does as well.

If anyone has any experience with these treatments or others, I’d love for you to comment.

**Update: I’ve answered your FAQs about pinworms here.**

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    BONUS: You'll also receive "The Survival Doctor's Ultimate Emergency Medical Supplies" report—FREE!

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  • Constantine

    I read the article. %7 cure rate of Garlic ‘Powder’. I think it is high for powder. But we know and it is tried for centuries and got success. RAW garlic is antiparasitic. Pinworms dont like the garlic. I point out RAW garlic and it must be chewed. Because, when it is chewed Allicin emerges, which kills pinworms. And you must eat raw garlic(4-5) cloves for 21 days and daily. Because, this pinworm eggs can live (I mean larvea in the egg, ofc egg has thick shell which stays for thousands years) up to 3 weeks. 3 week is maximum time ‘moist humid dark condition’. Most of the eggs die early. They dont like sunrise, above 25 celcius (this is why pinworms are low in Tropical climates), fresh and dry air Female pinworm ldeposits eggs on around the anus skin. Because eggs need oxygen and 36-38 C heat for maturing, they matures 4-6 hours. BUT I WONDER ONE THING, 37 C heat must kill the eggs after a time. It can be true?

  • Abbyboard

    Hey Doc, I really don’t get the Garlic paste, I mean my mom made me a garlic paste and when i put it in my anus it hurts(its like a burning feeling). What does it mean? I havent really saw the white worms coming out of me, but I assumed its pinworms because there is something moving in my butt. I just experienced it tonight (for the first time ever).

    • James Hubbard, MD, MPH

      The article I cited suggested eating the garlic. However, remember there was only a 7 percent cure rate.

      • Abbyboard

        I’m not feeling itching anymore, it was only that night that I experienced it, maybe I was being too paranoid because I have OCD. Does that mean I don’t really have pinworms?

        • James Hubbard, MD, MPH

          Well, it’s a good sign.

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  • Deborah B.

    How can these pin worms be gotten rid of from the vagina as well as the urinary tract? Of all things, I’ve tried sitting on hot packs, with some relief, but it seems only temporary. Same symptoms as the anal pin worms. This morning, I’m trying cold packs. Cranberry juice, cranberries, and cranberry supplements don’t seem to help. Even drinking a lot of liquid doesn’t remove these symptoms. I just took the Reese’ s treatment for pin worms yesterday with no change in symptoms. I tried putting a little of that suspension in my vagina. Nothing yet. I’m wondering if they (pin worms) can tolerate stomach acid, they probably love the acidity of cranberries. I’m afraid of trying baking soda due to changes in pH. Any ideas?

    • James Hubbard, MD, MPH

      Pinworms may travel from the anus to the vagina but they die. They can only live and reproduce in the GI tract. Anyway, If I were you I’d see a family doctor or a gynecologist to get checked out. Also, did you read this post?

      • Deborah B.

        Yes. Thank you. I probably have some effects of the dirtiness of the worms that left some of their bacteria in my urethra. I am in contact with my PCP.

  • Rhys

    I’m a 12 year old boy currently in high school in year 8 and certain months I’ve been gaining a worm I cannot quite tell which ones but all I know is they are white

    The only thing that’s happening is that itching so far I’m attempting to not scratch so far I’m not

    The itching seems to get less worser is there any tips in order to get rid of them there driving me mad by constantly coming back

    Is it even possilble to get rid of them?

  • Kaly

    How many days do you drink it?

  • darren

    i’ve been suffering from them for almost a year now, none of the medication works permanently and i’ve seen doctors with no success. im on my last straw here and ive tried the tobacco method and now im onto eating absurd amounts of fresh garlic. i will let you all know if it does it, ill either get rid of these bastards or die trying!

  • LA



  • Mary

    I have try turpentine with suger in a small teaspoon need warm it then put turpentine on belly button to keep pin stick to the belly button then castor oil to help them go & when get it out by stool they are fine grow up kids my mother in law teach me do it & it work

  • Kim S

    I am 4 weeks pregnant and also just found pinworms in my stool. My doctor let me take Reese medication since I am only 4 weeks, but I don’t think they want me to take the second dose at 6 weeks. Does one dose ever work? I will go crazy if I have to have this for 9 months. It is giving me some serious anxiety. Help!