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The Survivor’s Mini-Med School

General-health articles: your foundation for improvisation.

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Welcome to your free (pseudo) mini-med school!

In this section, you’ll learn from top health-care providers how to make the most of medicine and medical expertise while you can get it. You’ll discover alternative remedies proven to work (and ones proven not to). And you’ll find the most efficient, surefire ways to stay healthy so you don’t need makeshift treatments in the first place.

Plus, through learning about your body and common diseases, you’ll strengthen your foundation for medical improvisation when you have no other choice.

Until then, you’ll be living a more knowledgeable, healthy life. Pretty good deal, eh?

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Infectious Disease



Why Does My Nose Run When I Have a Cold?
Just for torture, or does it have a purpose?



Causes of Night Fever
No, you’re not crazy. Your fever really may be going up at night.



What Does Green Snot Mean? 13 Cold and Flu FAQs
Yeah, that’s right. I said it.


What Is Molluscum Contagiosum?
It’s a bump with a dimple in it. And it’s contagious.


Alternative Treatments


Does Melatonin Work for Insomnia?
Instead of regular sleeping pills, many people use the melatonin supplement to help them sleep. Does it really work?


Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work? A Doctor's Opinion on Back, Neck Treatments and More | The Survival Doctor


Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?
A doctor looks at the evidence.


Other General-Health Articles



Hydrogen Peroxide for Wound Cleaning
This doctor says water’s better.




8 Reasons for Unexplained Weight Gain
Maybe it’s not just the food …




Dermatologists’ Favorite Products for Your Skin
The top picks for every budget—to reduce fine lines, moisturize, clean and treat.




Are Heart Palpitations Dangerous?
And how can your heart skip beats without you keeling over?


What Is Inflammation in Your Body? How It’s Measured and Treated | The Survival Doctor


What Is Inflammation?
And how does it relate to your heart?


Severe Constipation and a Slow-Transit Colon: In Plain English
Why some people’s colons are kinda like stretched-out pantyhose.


How to Stop Excessive Gas: 5 Steps | The Survival Doctor


5 Steps to Stopping Excessive Gas
It’s not all about the beans! (Well, sometimes maybe it is.)





Is It Bad to Wear Your Contacts Too Long?
What’s the big deal about overwearing contacts? An eye doctor answers.

Allergy Treatments: How to Take Your Medicine
An allergist’s tips on how to squeeze the most out of allergy medicines—and avoid drowsiness.




Do Flowers Cause Allergies? 4 Tips and Surprises
Why “rose fever” is a misnomer.


Controversies and Debates


Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons
Experts debate whether medical marijuana should be legal.


Universal Health Care: Doctors Debate Pros and Cons
Is universal health care a great idea or a disastrous one?



Obama’s Health-Care Plan: Pros and Cons Debate
Two doctors debate what some call Obamacare.



Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Debate
Is embryonic stem-cell research ethical?



When Does Life Begin? Medical Experts Debate Abortion
(And one side just might surprise you.)


Do Birth Control Pills Cause Abortions? An Ob-Gyn's Take | The Survival Doctor


Do Birth Control Pills Cause Abortions?
Even the author, an ob-gyn, didn’t know the depths of this controversy.



These articles originally appeared on our sister site, And no, this is not a real medical school. :-)

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